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Mallorca X Evolution


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I did! Seems all correct, I asked other users (my friends). I use the same scenery library order as them but I still got the issue of the default airport building coming through the addon scenery building.

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Any Orbx stuff installed?

You can also post a screenshot of your library, so that we can see where Mallorca sits.

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My Scenery Library Order is:


Moscow City X
ORBX Global
ORBX NorthAmerica
ORBX Europe
ORBX zBase

I also tried deleting the shaders, but it didnt solve the issue.

The default building is represented by a .bgl file in the scenery/world/scenery folder in the P3D installation. To be honest, to me it seems that folder wasn't disabled (re-named to .off) by the installer. 
The LEPA Scenery works perfectly fine, it's just the default building showing up/showing through the Addon Scenery. If I could remove the .bgl file which represents the default airport building all would be solved.
Does anyone know what .bgl file the default airport building at LEPA is?

Thank you for your help! 

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I don't know if this is still relevant but as this threat still popped up at the top of my google search when looking for this issue, here is a helpful video that helped me solve the issue with the default buildings:



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