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Hi All New fw V0.9.101 has come added Poweroff function

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1.Added cdu poweroff shoutcut key:Meam+P

2.Work With Level up 737(X-Plane11)


Download form attach or cm website www.cockpit-master.com



        1.If you bought cdu form aerosoft or cockpit-master after april 2022 it is not necessary to update fw.

        2.The cdu manufactured after april 2022 it can't use any previous ver(FW0.9.96~0.9.100)


Thank you

CockpitSimulator v0.9.101.rar

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What am I missing here?  When I go to firmware update tab in the program it says "Waiting for DFU Device connection"  Can't get past that step to update the firmware



.Unplug usb cable

                 2.Hold press (Init ref+5)

                 3.Plugin usb cable

                 4.relax your grip

                 4.The keyboard starts flashing

                 5.click start flash

                 6.enjoy your new fw

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