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Mapping the DH-6 Twin Otter

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G'day everyone,


Has anyone had any luck mapping all the controls/switches of the Otter to hardware?


I've got the flight controls ok and some of the switches but can't seem to get things like the starters, fuel cutoff switches and others mapped. Spad.Next shows some of the LVARS in action but they don't seem to respond correctly when you put them into a profile.


I'm stumped here and would be grateful for some help.





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Thanks for that, I really appreciate the help.


I've got some of the Overhead Panel mapped (DC Batt, most of the lights) but for example can't get the fuel cutoff levers to move using:




or the Starter to move/fire using:


DHC6_STARTER_LVAR (2) which should be right for Engine 2 I think.


Not sure if I'm leaving anything out or am on the wrong track





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  • Aerosoft



Still checking for the starter assignments.

As for the cut-off levers, no need to use the Lvars or external utility.
Just use the plain standard MSFS assignments as shown belo
Do the following assignments in MSFS.
Assign MIXTURE (1)(2) AXIS (-100 to 100%) to the two right levers


This is part of the following tutorial


Best regards.


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