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Custom spawn location invisible

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Had a small selection of issues which i believe are being addressed, however here's a big one.

When spawning in at a custom location (see media) the model goes invisible, both VC and exterior.

I have at this moment in time, no additional liveries or addons for the Twotter.

I have also sometimes experienced this issue when on the ground, however that is intermittent.

Cracking Job on it though, love it!.


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Note, this is not the exact flight as seen in the video, however, its from the same location, with the same destination (I dont really use the built in flight planner), and produced the same invisible cockpit and model. 

This has now become intermittent for all models, maybe 1 in 3 flight become invisible. 

I'm going to do a clean install of the Twotter to see if that'll help at all.

Cheers, Mac.


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Hey guys,

My specs:
i7-11700k @ 3.6Ghz

RTX 3070

I tried with other variants, both amphibious, floats and tundra, within 3 load-ins i experienced this issue.

This was not limited to the area of Tofino, i loaded in a custom location near Barra Scotland, and New York, USA, all with the same outcome.

However i could not recreate this on the ground as a cold start or spawning on a runway.

I have since uninstalled the Twotter and done a full Reinstall from the One Store app and out of the 3 test flights i did, again in different environments, locations and times, none had the invisible aircraft issue.

As stated, at no point did i have any external addons for the Twotter such as liveries or sounds.

I really do not know what has caused this, but for now, fingers crossed, its fixed. 

Will keep you posted if it happens again.



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