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Speed Bug Question

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Regarding the speed bug, does it have any direct effect on any autopilot modes besides Speed Mode or is it just used for advisory purposes?   A few times when I've been descending, I'll use VS and when I engage that mode and dial down the rate of descent, the AP goes crazy and the aircraft starts climbing.   No amount of dialing the rate of descent down makes any difference.   Could this be because my airspeed wasn't synced with the bug?  

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There is no auto-throttle so the speed bug is ALWAYS advisory.  In Spd mode it ADVISES the A/P what speed to climb or descend and the A/P pitches and trims for that speed, just like you would do if hand flying. 


Are you by chance using the HC Bravo with one of the templates published?  If so I have found a few of them, including the one I have used from day one, reverses the dial for V/S mode so that it more realistically mimics the wheel.  So INCR (turn right) will command V/S in the negative direction and DECR (turn left) will command V/S in the positive direction.  That is just a stab at your problem because I have never seen this from the day of release.  My install is able to smoothly fly the V/S set and changed to follow the snowflake all the way until I get to a speed restriction and then I switch to SPD mode and use the throttles to control vertical speed.  More throttles, speed is maintained and descent rate gets lower and if not careful can start to climb, less throttles and the speed is maintained and the descent rate gets higher.

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