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Setting Heading Reference While NAV Is On...

Albert Gutierrez

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After the latest update (Nov. 19, 2021), I noticed a behavior in at least CRJ 550 and 700 aircrafts -- I have not tested this on the CRJ 900 and 1000, yet. While in Autopilot with ALT and NAV on, if you set the heading reference it causes the airplane to turn towards the direction you are setting. Once you stop moving the HDG knob, the AP brings the aircraft back on course. It seems that AP gets confused when rotating the HDG knob, even if HDG is not engaged. This is fairly reproducible.


1. While in flight in the CRJ-550 or 700 and with AP engaged, turn on NAV to follow the flight path

2. Without turning on HDG, just move rotate the HDG knob either way.

3. The aircraft will momentarily move towards the direction you are moving the HDG knob



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