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TAF Issues

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Apparently it works:


LKPR 210730Z 23009KT 8000 SCT009 OVC016 03/02 Q1011 NOSIG
LKPR 210500Z 2106/2212 23010KT 9999 BKN018
  TEMPO 2106/2108 BKN012
  PROB30 TEMPO 2106/2108 4000 BR BKN007
  TEMPO 2108/2115 SCT030
  TEMPO 2200/2202 -RA BKN012
  BECMG 2202/2204 36010KT 4000 RA BR BKN007
  TEMPO 2204/2212 2000 RA BR BKN004
  PROB30 TEMPO 2204/2212 1200 RA BR BKN002



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