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Mouse click problem


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Good evening,

with the latest sim update I have the folowing problem inside the cockpit of the CRJ-900. (I've not checked the other CRJs). By using the standard view (F-position) the mouse hover point of the most buttons and switches in the MCP  right under the glare shield are moved enormous to the left-upper side.

That means the click point does not hit the button and switches. Same for the rotary knobs like speed and heading knob. Any idea how to solve it or to have a work around? When I use the zoom function and get closer to the buttons the problem gets smaller. But I don't like this kind of work arround, because it disturbs my normal work flow.

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I mentioned moved clickspots BEFORE SU7 … after the latest CRJ update


Its a different issue … but now we have TWO seperate clickspot issues


gotta love this 

 Again this was AFTER latest CRJ update and BEFORE SU7 


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