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Question about AI offline traffic routes


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Probably a question for Mathijs or the developers:


As far as I understand Simple Traffic includes 1400 traffic routes for Offline AI traffic. I'm curious how the stock MSFS AI traffic routes are affected by this - does Simple Traffic replace the stock routes, or does it add new routes to the existing ones?


The reason I ask - as far as I understand the stock AI offline traffic is defined by the trafficAircraft.bgl in Official\OneStore\fs-base-ai-traffic\scenery\world\traffic, right? I know that AIG is specifically renaming this file to make sure stock AI traffic is not loaded to begin with, but it doesn't look like the Simple Traffic install does anything similar, the original file is still in place. So does that mean that the routes included in Simple Traffic will be loaded in addition to the existing routes, or does it disable the standard routes by a different way?






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Hi Dirk


Thanks for trying out Simple Traffic!


We add our own traffic files on top of standard traffic. So yes, the standard traffic file will cause a handful of airliner flights to appear alongside Simple Traffic flights, and the sim will assign random liveries to those stock flights.


Unfortunately, the stock traffic file cannot be overridden, it can only be disabled by modifying that file directly in the Official folder. It also governs GA traffic, so we didn't want to lose those.


Of course, you can rename it yourself if you like, just the same as AIG does automatically. That will mean you get rid of those pesky random livery flights, but remember you'll also lose the GA traffic too.


If you're familiar with editing traffic files, then you could always edit the stock file to remove airliner flights and retain only the GA ones.


Just remember to keep a backup of the original stock file, and to put it back in place before any Sim Updates!

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