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Simple Traffic: Installation Manual Ambiguity


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To furher inquire into long loading times, I was reading in the manual  that: 

"The installer (either from Aerosoft) or from the Marketplace will copy all the needed files to the Community folder. You can recognize the folders by the “zzzz” as the first part of the folder name. There is no need for any manual action. In case you wonder about the large number of folders, that’s the only way this can work now."

Well not quite. When asked into which drive install the files I answered E:  AND the directories and the files  WERE  loaded  by the installer into "E:\Aerosoft One Library\Add-ons\msfsSteam-ea8d-AS15423\gameDirectory~Community" like this:  


while in my community folder which is E:\MSFS2020\Community the fdirectories were "linked" as this:  



Could this be the cause of the long loading times ? What if I copied the original files into the actula community folder?

Thank you for your support



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