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How to start the MSFS Honeycomb Configurator manually.


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How to start the MSFS Honeycomb interface manually.

In some cases, with some computer configurations, it has been reported
that the lights of the Bravo throttle doesn’t lit when MSFS starts.

Of course, it may be due to some hardware issue.
To rule this out, please use the following test application.


If the hardware isn’t the cause of the issue, it is most likely because of a corrupted startup file (EXE.xml),
preventing MSFS to correctly read the interface application path.

Here is a way of starting the interface manually.

The Honeycomb interface application is called "AFC_Bridge.exe" and is located in the community folder of MSFS.
The goal is to create a shortcut to "AFC_Bridge.exe" on the desktop.
The video below shows hot to create this shortcut.


Once the shortcut is created, please follow this procedure :

- First start MSFS.

- When started, before you go in WORLD MAP to create your flight, start    
  AFC_Bridge via the shortcut on your desktop.
- Setup your flight, launch it.
- The lights are now working.


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