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Also, just in case anyone finds it helpful... to switch from ISA deviation to outside air temperature in the existing flight plan template of your choice:


1. Back up the template you want to change.

2. In your template file, locate the data field <&ISADev> and replace it with <&OAT>.  Note that <ISADev> may have a number inside it, like this: <ISADev:3>. To preserve formatting, carry that number into <&OAT>, like this: <&OAT:3>. Pay attention to capitalization. And make sure not to change the number of leading and following spaces, or else the formatting will change.

3. Re-select your template within PFPX.


You should then be good to go. 


Note that neither of these data fields are listed in the Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0, which makes them something to think about if there is ever a Guide 3.0.

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