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Hello! I use p3dv5 and mega aiport from Madrid in addition to global traffic but I have a problem and it is that the airbus321 of iberia express, vueling and some other companies are always located in the same place in remote parkin when they should be in t4 and in this terminal are the crj and the airbus319. I don't understand what can happen. Any solution?




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This is likely an AFCAD issue with the scenery.

If Iberia is not assigned to parking spots in T4, the AI will not show up there and may appear elsewhere.


The best idea is to use Airport Design Editor program, load in the scenery's .bgl file and take a look at the airlines coded for the T4 parking spots.


For Iberia Express, the code for the parking spots should be "IBS" in the scenery .bgl file

Also the AI aircraft also need this same code based on what is stated in the aircraft.cfg for the AI aircraft.


Just one more point: Best to do this first: This may also depend upon your traffic density setting. If the % traffic is low, it could be those planes do not show up. To test, set the traffic slider to around 50% and see if the Iberia Express planes appear.

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Each AI aircraft will have these two lines in their [fltsim.xx] entry:

  • atc_parking_types=
  • atc_parking_codes=

Both of these have to match the environment you want them to use. You'll need to check the airport's AFCAD (using ADE, or some such) to make sure that the parking type (ramp, gate, etc.) matches the parking spot you want to use.

You'll also need to check that the parking code matches that defined in the parking spot (if any).


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