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  1. I pointed you at somewhere that you can request 'updates'. Dave
  2. Each AI aircraft will have these two lines in their [fltsim.xx] entry: atc_parking_types= atc_parking_codes= Both of these have to match the environment you want them to use. You'll need to check the airport's AFCAD (using ADE, or some such) to make sure that the parking type (ramp, gate, etc.) matches the parking spot you want to use. You'll also need to check that the parking code matches that defined in the parking spot (if any).
  3. OK. Let's take this slowly. In your sim (I'm assuming P3Dv5, but this also applies to any of the others bar M$FS) go to the scenery library. In the list, look for the lowest entry that YOU put there -- either via direct entry or addon installer. Make a note of this item. Exit the sim. Go into ORBX Central and click on the Settings cogwheel (top line on the right). In the Settings window that opens, at the bottom on the left you'll see "Insertion Point". Click on this. Under 'ORBX Airports and Regions' there's a drop-down list. Click on this and select the item you noted earlier. There's another drop-down list under 'ORBX Global openLC'. Leave this one strictly alone. That's it. You're done. Easy, wasn't it? Dave
  4. You do have to pay for VRS TacPack and SuperBug updates through their Customer Portal here. Dave
  5. .....and your offer is.....?
  6. It'll be the developers here. Banging down their doors won't help, though. Bribery and corruption works every time. Dave
  7. "Set for solo flight" == The bar's open in the Mess. Dave
  8. Glad it's sorted. What did you add? Dave
  9. If we're referring to the Aerosoft F-16, then each addon livery goes into the same folder as its associated model (there are many, so check carefully). Dave
  10. Can I ask which version of the F-14 you are running? You should have version - which you can check by running the Updater (available elsewhere in this forum) or by looking in your downloads section. Dave
  11. I think that P3Dv5 will pick up in popularity once the niggles are ironed out and when/if VRS produce a TavPack version for it. Dave
  12. Want me to have a look at it? Dave
  13. Hi Dave, Yes, I can see your problem. I must confess that I've removed FSX now, and am solely on P3D (v4.5 and 5.1) these days. Have you tried this one? <img>https://i.postimg.cc/x8HJXfst/2020-11-29_16-59-25-370.jpg</img> Dave
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