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  1. I actually like this. Dave
  2. I've just checked them all. They're all happy in P3Dv4.5.12.30293 -- with the patches detailed above. Dave
  3. It seems quite happy in P3Dv4.5 -- for me, anyway. Dave
  4. If you accept all the defaults after the choice of sim version, you'll probably find that (for P3D users) it will have been installed under: c:\users\<yourname>\documents\Prepar3D vX Add-ons\F-14 Extended You'll find all the files and folders you're looking for in there. Dave
  5. Everything I've ever read on the Lightning tells me that the F2/F2A had nosewheel steering implemented. Why else would the selector button be present? Dave
  6. The stick isn't a constant, either. Nosewheel steering on the F2/F2A variants...…. Dave
  7. A thing of beauty..... Dave
  8. That's when you discover why RAF flying suits are that colour..... Very true, and I'd just taken off from there. I was going to join up with some F6s, suck up some of their fuel, arrive at Akrotiri and see if anyone notices. Speaking of the banner - does it work in P4D? Dave
  9. Here we are, out of LIED and heading for Akrotiri for a little banner action. Where's that tanker got to? Dave
  10. Still the best. Would be nicer with a proper cockpit. Dave
  11. You can see immediately that the pan is significantly smaller in your photos than it is in the Team SDB offering -- which I'm going to leave as-is for the moment. You'll notice that I've added a large parking spot on the end of Hangar 1 (5 Sqn). I may change one or two of the parking spots in front of Hangar 1 to allow for larger aircraft, such as Vulcans or Victors (as MAIW update them). There's an issue with such large aircraft using the taxiways. It's a little odd seeing a Victor wingtip passing through a Lightning. Dave
  12. I put your F6 into the flight line, and then repeated it with the T5. The aircraft all look the same size both close up and from a distance, so I can't say that there's a scale error. I think that the pan as-supplied in the scenery is simply too big/deep -- because of the requirements of the taxiways both in front of and behind the parking spots. You have the same RAF Binbrook by Team SDB, don't you? How does yours look? Dave
  13. It's a pain, isn't it? I'm going to go by the markings that I remember from Wattisham -- namely no yellow centreline taxiway markings anywhere. There were night lights, though, so they'll be going in. Edge or centreline? I note the "T" mark for the nosewheel. I currently have them in the centre of the parking spots, but they'll be moved forwards. The tyre marks on the unused runways aren't removable while the runways are kept as such. Built-in, you might say. There's only a limited amount that can be done to 'dirty-up' the textures of the concrete areas of the pan. I'm using REX4 (with soft clouds) very successfully in P4D, but even with that there are limits on what can be shown. I can see the roadway markings behind the tails in the first picture above, but I can't manage to reproduce it, I'm afraid. Where do I make provision for visiting 'heavies' -- and how many spots are required? Dave
  14. Time to lose the rest of the yellow lines. Any you want keeping? Dave
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