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Throttles only recognizing one axis


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Hello guys,


I have an interesting problem with the CRJ (and the Airbus Pro series, but more on that later). When I assign an axis to "throttle axis" in either P3DV5.2 or to "axis throttle set" through FSUIPC 6.1.3, the throttle works perfectly. However, if I assign my Saitek throttles separately to engine 1 and engine 2 throttle axes, neither throttle works. It is neither read by the EFB calibration menu, nor by the aircraft. Sometimes, the EFB reads the individual throttles in the position they were in when exiting the menu (P3D or FSUIPC), but further movements of the throttles are not read. The option "dual axis" is selected in the EFB, and assigning one axis to the "throttle axis" even moves both throttles at the same time (as it should), but it just does not work with separate throttles.


The controls are all calibrated in Windows, the outputs all read normally in Windows and FSUIPC. I have tried both DirectInput and RawInput in P3D, with no effect. 


Interestingly, I have the same problem with the Airbus Pro A318/319 (the only one I own), but I personally cannot see any connections between the two aircrafts having the same issue. Although having said that, none of my other aircrafts are affected by this (including default F-35, PMDG aircrafts, the entire FSLabs series, and the QW 787).

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Hi All,

exactly the same problem here. Assigning "throttle" within FSUIPC directly will move both throttle levers, assigning "throttle1" and "throttle2" respectively though will show no effect neither in the optons tab nor at the pedestral.

Any advise how this can be solved?

Best regards



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  • Aerosoft

Hi MoGr,


There is no real need to use FSUIPC for axes in P3D.

Moreover the CRJ isn't intended to be use with FSUIPC.


I suggest you use simple axes assignments from within P3D.
Please check the video here. It is the CRJ 550 with Logitech-Saitek quadrant.
The first two axes are assigned to Engine x Thottle Axis.
Make sure also the "Dual Axis" is checked in the EFB Throttle calibration page (see screenshot below the video)  



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