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Missing Fonts folder in Aerosoft A320 folder structure

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I have my A320 installed in a separate folder location outside the main P3Dv5 folder.

Everything is working fine however today I noticed when looking at the add-on.xml file that there is a reference to a Fonts folder along with other references to Simobjects and Effects.


If I look into the folder structure below the A320, simobjects and effects folders are present however the Fonts folder is not present.

I am not seeing any specific issues in the aircraft but wondered why this folder is not present ?


Note: I also checked my P3Dv4 installation on the same machine, but in a different sim location and exactly the same observation.

What is the function of this folder?


Version installed is for both sim versions.



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

First of all you should install the latest version which is 1.4.3.

If everything works, dont worry about the entry for the font folder. Maybe it is leftover from previous versions.

No need for you to change anything.

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