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Autoland issues.

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Hi Guys,

First off thanks for a wonderful product.Since the last major update to version i seem to be having an issue with the autoland feature.

Prior to the update my autolands were always in the region of 100 fpm to 250fpm which is perfect for the virtual airline i fly for before losing XP

for hard landings.I always like to share my landings between manual and autoland about 50/50.I was wondering if you guys changed anything

with ref to the autoland feature in the new build because all my autolands now are beteeen 350fpm and 500fpm.This has me confused because of such a dramatic

difference between the new version and the previous version with the landing rate.The Airbus has always been great at it autolands much better than the

PMDG 737ngxu,but now with this new version its just as bad.I have not changed any on my PC or in P3D,same scenery,airports etc the only change has 

been the update with the Airbus.The same airports that i was getting a landing rate of below 250fpm in the previous build has now jumped to well over 300fpm

closer to 500fpm on some occasions.Looking for any advice or help on the issue.


P3Dv4.5 (latest version)


I7 11700K (no overclock)

RTX Asus 3060 OC.

32 GB Ram.

Windows 10.


With Thanks


Gary Jones.

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Thanks for the response much appreciated.Think something has affected the autoland feature for the worse.Just completed 2 tests at Aerosofts EGLL 

with active sky real world weather, A320 landing rate of 397fpm and without weather (clear sky) landing rate of 412 FPM.Prior to the update i could guarantee

at EGLL my landing rate would be below 200fpm.




Gary Jones.

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