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Unable to make Thrustmaster Throttle Quadrant Work

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I have no issues using the Thrustmaster Airbus Throttle quadrant on any other airplanes. I've tried doing separate MSFS profiles and experimenting with different assignments. I tried configuring it as if it's a single axis as well


Here's my current configuration:





When I'm on the calibration page of the EFP, moving the throttle doesn't register any inputs, however, the N2 gauges and engines spool up, but N1 doesn't move. When I exit the calibration screen, the engines spool back to idle. 


Also, nothing I've tried changes the position of the thrusters, I can only get the engines to spool up when the calibration page is open.



Hitting F4 doesn't do anything. But I can hit F3 until engines are at 100%. Then if I move my throttle quadrant to idle, the engines spool down temporarily, then go back up to full thrust. 



So clearly, my quadrant inputs are effecting something, but they don't really work as they should. I've gone through all the other threads related to this, but nothing seems to be solved. 


I've also completely uninstalled the plane and reinstalled multiple times and I'm getting the same result each time.



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I was finally able to make the quadrant show the thrust levers moving by assigning throttle axis 1 and 2 to the same throttle lever on my quadrant, then set my control to single throttle control in the EFP settings. But is there any way to be able to independently control the throttles considering I have a dual axis quadrant?

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  • Aerosoft

Hi Colin,


In addition to Mopperle's advice, please check this one specifically.
It seems the axes assignment in MSFS isn't the right one.


Best regards,

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