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FMC will not allow entering a waypoint

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Once a flight plan is input, if I need to change a waypoint, the FMC will not accept the change - for example, leaving MMZC, the SID calls for crossing over the ZCL VOR after 7nm from the runway, if I put ZCL as the next waypoint, it will either delete the next waypoint but not put ZCL in its place, or will not do anything. After trying to put it in about 10 times, it will finally cause P3Dv5.2 to CTD. I've had this issue with many other waypoint changes in from other flight plans also. the issue started with the latest CRJ update and does not exist with any other aircraft (PDMG, FSLABS, Captain Sim, etc). If there is a log somewhere, I don't know where but otherwise I can post the log if it exists.

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flightplan was made by PFPX but manually entered into FMC (because PFPX does not build the CRJ flightplan correctly) and is: ZCL UJ5 QET UT150 DARAN with SID and expected STAR ( ZCL2A / rw02, DARA1B / DARAN / RW23R respectively) and entered in the Dep/Arr page. Because ZCL VOR for the SID sits right off the runway, the FMC thought I had passed that waypoint already so I was trying to manually put it back in on the "legs" page (fly runway heading to 7nm DME from ZCL, then turn back to intercept and cross ZCL VOR). This has always worked before, and even clicking L2 for the next waypoint and then putting it on L2 again will duplicate that waypoint and then enter a discontinue below the duplication where I can enter another waypoint in the discontinue section without a problem, but then it would be below where it needs to be.

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I have also entered your data in the FMS:


After manually entering the data into the FMS, it looks good at first sight (left picture), also the altitude calculation fits.
But as soon as I edit the waypoint DARAN where the constraint is located, something goes wrong in the calculation (right picture).
There is strange data in ZCL and the altitude calculation for the rest of the flight plan is no longer correct.


It doesn't matter if I select Rwy23L (ILS) for MMMX, the calculations remain strange.


Since the code for the P3D version is compiled from the code for MSFS, I could imagine that something went wrong here.


I wonder if Hans, the developer, has time to look at it.
He is very busy with the MSFS version.


Question for you:

How have your ILS approaches gone so far? Did the CRJ catch the GS and fly it off?




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No problems with ILS, just modifying flight plans. Having the same issue trying to put in the missing waypoints for the ALDI1K STAR for SOCA. This issue is with any flight plan that needs to be modified.

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