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Overhead Panel Texture

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Hello Aerosoft!


Not a massive issue, but I figured I would ask the question in case it was a bug or I was doing something incorrectly etc...


The text on the overhead panel looks pretty bad compared to the main panel...becomes pixelated very quickly when zooming in to get a better look at what I am doing up there. Is it a lower resolution or something?


I'm somewhat skilled at repainting and tried digging around the .dds files using Photoshop, but probably since I have the market version I could not open them. 



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Hello Mathijs;


Here's the overhead panel compared to the others, on MEDIUM setting:











Interestingly, on "High End" the overhead looks much better:




Like I said, not a major issue, just very noticeable by comparison. It turns out that I can actually run "High End" without a problem so I will just do that.





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