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  1. Old liveries will work with the new product...you just have to tweak them a bit. Check this thread out:
  2. If you click the right-side LSK for a waypoint in the climb or descent, it will bring up a page called "Vert Rev". On that page is an entry for the climb or descent speed limit...maybe try changing that.
  3. Yes, that is the situation I was referring to - thanks for setting me straight. I've been bouncing back and forth between Boeing and Airbus aircraft models and for some reason I thought the actual speed bug on the display went to S and then F as flaps were added. Sorry to muddy the waters...seems that as I get older I remember everything, whether it happened or not
  4. Gents; Sorry I don't have the required info for a formal report (so disregard if not useful)...my managed speed issue yesterday was having the FMC directly set VAPP immediately upon the automatic transition to approach mode...with my flaps UP šŸ˜• I just managed the speed myself for the approach, but figured it was worth mentioning.
  5. Matt S


    I will try that as well, thanks for the tip Mathijs! I grew up out on Long Island, and even though I rarely ever go there anymore IRL, NY will always be simply "The City". So making it viable in Sim world is a priority
  6. Matt S

    BA Airbus

    Sounds like he is talking about moving the thrust handle to the climb detent upon reaching the appropriate altitude after takeoff.
  7. Matt S


    Please disregard this post - can use 4x SSAA if I turn the scenery down a bit in NY. No problem after all.
  8. Avsim library has Scandinavian A320 and A321 paints by Lee Grant and Miguel Taboada.
  9. Check the Avsim library for "Lee Grant". He has done a bunch of Delta A320s back in mid-2017 that can easily be converted for use with the 64-bit Airbus by following Stefan Hoffmann's instructions.
  10. You might have better luck contacting one of the guys who have released Easyjet paints directly, to see if they don't mind changing the Registration for you. It would take about 5 minutes compared to hours for a full repaint.
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