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PERF > Fuel MGMT question


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Not sure if I'm reading it wrong but Page 3 on the Fuel Mgmt page doesn't show the correct value for FUEL REQ


I'm currently enroute with 3905KG but the Fuel Mgmt page 3 says FUEL REQ 6139KG?  So if I took those numbers at face value I would run out of fuel about 1/2 way to my destination.


If I look at the fuel numbers via the MFD DATA button on the FMS this is showing correct fuel currently, and at my destination.


Any ideas?

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I was just wondering my self. I have a fuel flow of 1685 kg/hr and about 50 minutes to destination and fuel required is 4845 kg! Looking in the FMS manual the last part of the description is cut off, it says "Estimated required fuel for". I wonder if it's perhaps the required fuel to alternative destination plus some extra for hold?

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