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  1. For such a small company as you claim the sarcasm to a paying customer is staggering! All you needed to tell me was "sorry mister customer for the troubles you have experienced, we are aware of issues with our updater and we are going to release a full build but please bear with us because it takes us many hours, but rest assured the £50 you spent with us is money well spent".
  2. I meant once the full build is ready its a 20 min upload to the CDN, seems its about 720MB upload. As a software company you should be prepared and always have the full build on your website for paying customers like me who can't use your bespoke update facility which clearly has inherent flaws because I'm not the only one suffering it seems. Maybe you should think about giving me some support and ideas to fix the problem along with the other chap in this thread?
  3. Same here, seems this issue is rife. Simple solution Aeresoft just upload the full build to the website! It’s a 20 min job at best.
  4. I wish people would actually say HOW they gets things fixed instead of saying, oh don’t worry it’s working again. There is a queue here buddy! 👍
  5. Same issue for me even after running MSFS I see no CRJ in the AS Updater. Just please upload to the Aeroflot shop so I don’t have to jump through hoops really frustrating.
  6. ok so I have just removed everything again from community folder and cleared out the Aerosoft folder from \Documents which contained the AS updater. I then used the full build from the shop to download the installer. I can now see the CRJ in the sim but I'm running which is the full build from the aerosoft shop. It says in "instant downloads" is available via AS Updater but I am back to my original problem, when I launch AS Updater it doesn't detect the CRJ so can't update to latest version, very frustating! Why don't you just do a full build and host
  7. Is this the best way get support or do I need raise a ticket - right now I can’t fly at all. Thanks
  8. So I posted in this thread It was closed saying it appeared to solve the issue, not for me so here goes creating my own thread History Bought original version from Aerosoft shop Updated to Patch by downloading build from shop (if I remember correctly) was released and apparently can only be downloaded via AS Updater When running AS Updater the CRJ is not detected (however I have used the updater before and it did show the CRJ as an option down the left hand side) This is what I see now.. [url=https://ibb.co/LYn7psf][img]htt
  9. Nope that didn't work. AS updater still doesn't recognise/show the CRJ (it used to do!). So how am I supposed to update? On the shop downloads it says "Version: via ASUpdater" So thats me snookered.....
  10. That didnt work for me so I deleted the M files and that seemed to have sorted it.
  11. Yep pretty sure because had to be downloaded as a full build and I flew a test flight. Will load it up once more and see what happens.
  12. Same problem here originally bought the CRJ from Aerosoft shop, since the last patch (not the hotfix I'm trying to install) the AS updater doesn't show me the CRJ so can't apply latest patch?? In response to question above yes I have XML in the Products folder and it shows this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE! AEROSOFT SUPPORT WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU DO! --> -<ASUpdater> -<ProductData AddonName="aerosoft-crj" AUID="as_aircraft-crj-550-700_msfs" Platform="MSFS" Name="AS Aircraft CRJ 550/700">
  13. I have been enjoying this aircraft since release, this issue is a new one. I've just completed a flight and started another but the default state of the aircraft is "stuck", so usually it starts in cold and dark. What I'm seeing now is an aircraft where the EFB won't come on, all the lights are in ON despite all the knobs being in the off position? So because the EFB won't come on I can't connect ground power to start the Battery Master? I've closed the sim completely and started again but same thing occurs. Any ideas?
  14. Not sure if I'm reading it wrong but Page 3 on the Fuel Mgmt page doesn't show the correct value for FUEL REQ I'm currently enroute with 3905KG but the Fuel Mgmt page 3 says FUEL REQ 6139KG? So if I took those numbers at face value I would run out of fuel about 1/2 way to my destination. If I look at the fuel numbers via the MFD DATA button on the FMS this is showing correct fuel currently, and at my destination. Any ideas?
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