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The update is out, and the CRJ flies perfectly well!


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I installed via MSFS Marketplace. As a matter of fact, the only option I had was a complete re-install, with a 1,8GB download. 

Once in the plane I checked the throttle calibration. Nothing I needed to do. My old calibration was still there and it worked just fine.


Flying: Like a charm!

- GS capture works

- no more zig-zagging en route

- no more center of gravity / load issues

- better ground handling


I always liked the CRJ, even with the glitches. But now I‘m really impressed! What a superb plane!


Well done, Hans!!!



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I'm glad some guys are getting good results.  For me, not so much.  Had to do a complete re-install, but mine was like 2.36 GB. CTD while loading the aircraft.  I removed all the 3rd Party Liveries and am able to start from C&D, taxi and take off, fly the downwind leg, but no LOC nor GS capture on the ILS, followed by a CTD on short final fully configured. There's another thread which I posted on and am watching.  Hopefully this gets resolved. The CRJ is my currently my favorite aircraft, so this experience has been disappointing.

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I should not say this to not be lucky next flight, but, I had one and first flight from Goeteborg to Budapest with no Arcraft related issue, only the pilot did mess up something (forgot to get rid of the weel chocks e.g.) Thanks to my FSX experience with CRJ I had not to learn from scratch. It went down the ILS, but I flew the rest by myself, and it´s so nice to handle to touch down.

So fingers crossed, but basically, superb aircraft, if any glitches, it will be solved.



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