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  1. Hi Folks, Anyone having troubles with the reverse thrust for throttle 1 using a bravo throttle quad. My right or throttle 2 is working fine. My left or throttle 1 is designated correctly but does not activate when I engage the reverse thrust. It is set correctly when I check the settings. However if a do a "search by input" the setting are not triggered when I engage the throttle 1 reverse thrust. Worked fine prior to SU 5 and the new CRJ update?? Any thoughts? Anyone else having this issue? Fly a complete flight without issue (Thank you Aerosoft) except for this throttle 1 reverse thrust glitch.
  2. Lost ATC voices after installing the 1.0.5 update. Any suggestions??
  3. I would love to see some more airports from the United States. Tons of Europe airports but few US airports KBOS - Boston KPHL - Philadelphia KBGR - Bangor International Airport (Maine) KLGA - LaGuardia KCHS - Charleston International Airport (S. Carolina) KGEG - Spokane International Airport KRNO - Reno-Tahoe International Airport
  4. I am assuming the Aerosoft website? How and from where will I download the update? Thanks
  5. Hi, I purchased KDCA from the Aerosoft site but the airport does not show up when I run the ASUpdater. When will I know if an update is avaibalble for KDCA? How will I update KDCA if it is not showing up in the ASUpdater? Thanks Scott
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