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FCTRL message on EICAS and Alarm for speed brake.


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I was wondering what the logic was behind the FCTRL warning and alarm for the speed brake. Sometimes the warning continues continually displaying and the bell sounding alarm. Other times it doesn't activate in similar circumstances. For example, slowing down with a speed selected and speed brake extended to increase deceleration or maintain descent rate, sometimes the warning and alarm keep going off, other times only when the speed is reached and the speed brake is still extended. 


I am just curious.




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Hello Craig, In absence of a reply, this is my interpretation of the F/CTL SPD BRK STILL OUT ECAM warning:

If you get to high on the computed (FMGC) descent path and speed brakes are not extended:

- "MORE DRAG" will be displayed on PFD and MCDU.

When regaining the descent profile, the speedbrakes should be retracted to prevent the A/THR applying thrust against speedbrakes.

If the speedbrakes are not retracted, the "SPD BRK" message on the ECAM memo becomes amber.


In other words, A/THR is not in idle during descent path due to pilot commanded speed brake extension..


That said, it seems that the AS Airbus is a bit oversensitive with "MORE DRAG" message and "SPD BRK" warning..

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Thanks @AVFC for jumping in.

Yes sometimes it’s very sensitive.

There are many parts that have to work together, A/THR that maybe is itself to sensitive, a good VNAV path calculation…current wind that influence the A/THR…

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