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FMC Progress Page Fuel Prediction Weirdness

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My first weird issue!  I have never noticed this in the past, only since the WU and only on this particular flight (only flew this one since the update).  Notice what the fuel at the destination says, versus the fuel on board.  I started at KCMH with just over 12,000 lbs....I do not believe I skipped any flow item when setting up the flight.  The performance page had the numbers from the EFB.  Anyhow any ideas on what I may have done to fubar this?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4_16_2021 10_48_30 PM.png

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Very next flight all back to normal. The only difference was I sat at the gate for about two hours due to a "crash to wife" before I finished setting everything up on the anomalous flight. 

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