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How to find and save the Community folder location

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How to find and save the Community Folder location ?


The community folder is one of the key folders of Flight Simulator.
Sometimes you have to check what is in it or even delete its content in case of

issues like crashes to desktop CTD after an update or an installation of a new program that went wrong.

The location (path) of this folder depends on your system, and how Flight Simulator is installed
as well as if your simulator is the DVD or downloadable / Steam version.


We will see how to find out where it is located on YOUR system.


We strongly suggest you check it now and save the path in a text file.
Because if a new update of Flight Simulator goes wrong and prevents the

simulator to start, emptying the community folder may be the only option to run the simulator again. 
And our method needs the simulator to run to find the path…


STEP 1 :
Start Flight Simulator

1 – Go to OPTIONS

2 – Select GENERAL



5 – A new menu bar appears on top of the simulator window

STEP 2 :

Click the Tools menu

1 – Click Virtual File System
2 – Click Watched Bases



STEP 3 :

Click the path of your Community Folder (usually the last one)

A floating window will appear showing the full path

à You cannot copy-paste it. You need to manually copy it into a simple text file


STEP 4 :

Create a text file on your desktop and paste the path into it.
Save your text file.

Next time you need your Community Folder path, just open your text file,

copy the path and paste it in to a Windows documents (files) explorer



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