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Can't Set Parking Brake of CRJ Push Back with FS2Crew Push Back Express


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This topic was closed this week but in the avsim support forum of FS2Crew a statement was posted from Bryan York of FS2Crew. So it was identified and should be fixed shortly.


Okay, I see the problem 🙂

We were firing the toe brakes at the end of the pushback.  Evidently, in the CRJ, you can't press the tow brakes and set the parking brake at the same time 🙂

In other MSFS planes, this is not an issue.

I recall we were firing the toe brakes to prevent the aircraft from rolling backwards or forwards if case you were on a slant.

We'll release an update shortly.

What's more, another bonus for V2.0, we're going to add a new setting to the Settings Page first that allows you to select a PTT key from the Setting page rather than having to edit the .xml directly.




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