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after reinstal error closes p3d4

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enclosed pictures fromn  error. did alredy severak reinstal.1395000675_Sound_ASC3_30_20218_35_49PM.thumb.png.cfb126933492a3305e87402e73ae483d.png

sound system error

failed to find media file:

c:\users\....\simobjects\airplane\aerosoft A320-321 professional Base\Sound_ASC\ASC_PF-OnAuto.wav.

The 318-319 the same.

click ok on error p3d4 shuts down

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Same problem for me, perhaps caused from the latest update?


Luckily I had the ASC_PF_OnAuto.wav file from a previous installation so I could copy it over. If you don't, perhaps copy the ASC_PF_On.wav and rename it to ASC_PF_OnAuto to trick the system into using it instead.


My understanding is then the checklist callout will just be "on" instead of "on AUTO" but at least it stops P3D from crashing!

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