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Hello All,


I have the same issue as you guys. Enroute Lateral oscillations = 30°

Flown today LFSB->EDDK Nothbound with XWC 56KT FL340.




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On 3/23/2021 at 7:40 AM, Paul Ramsay said:


So as you can see this is my flight from Sydney to Brisbane. I have a 51 knot crosswind from 275 with my current heading of 354. However it keeps swinging left to right. It's actually must worse in game. It's pretty constant, the above image shows my flight on Event tracker.



I am able to duplicate this problem. I flew YSSY CRAVN COOPA SANAD YBBN at FL330. Initial course from YSSY to CRAVN was 002 degrees with a left crosswind of 45 knots. Indeed, the aircraft was constantly hunting left and right trying to find a stable wind correction angle and failing to do so.


The legs from CRAVN to COOPA to SANAD were chosen to move the course track from 002 to 318 degrees, and as soon as the aircraft turned to the new heading the aircraft found and held a constant wind correction with no oscillation at all.


I definitely think this is induced by having a required ground track heading very close to north, and a required wind correction heading (due to crosswind) on the opposite side of north. I re-flew the flight with winds set to zero, and the leg YSSY-CRAVN had no oscillations at all. I wrote up a detailed bug report and submitted it.

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