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  1. I posted a couple days ago but my experience was when I was coming into land, flaps 20 but letting the airspeed drop too low. The aircraft would pitch up and up. I’d I disconnected AP and re-enabled it once I had recovered some altitude and the airspeed it would snap the nose up causing me to stall.
  2. Scenario. you are flying along on approach on autopilot. 3000ft. You forget to increase the throttle causing the aircraft to lose altitude and the speed to drop. when you throttle up the aircraft climbs uncontrollably pitching up. Disengaging autopilot and correcting the situation THEN re-enabling the autopilot will cause the aircraft trim to jump up uncontrollably and make the aircraft pitch up causing a stall
  3. Just searched and found your comment on the forums as I was having a similar issue. Thanks
  4. Hello. The aircraft is mostly okay but It grinds my gears that I need add the flightplan provided from Simbrief instead of directly importing it as SaltySimulations and FlybyWire's planes do. Please please please could we have this done, it would improve the aircraft so much.
  5. So as you can see this is my flight from Sydney to Brisbane. I have a 51 knot crosswind from 275 with my current heading of 354. However it keeps swinging left to right. It's actually must worse in game. It's pretty constant, the above image shows my flight on Event tracker.
  6. @SimWare Is this going to be fixed? I can load any other plane up and it'll work exactly as intented except the CRJ. I'm struggling to understand why the CRJ doesn't support the game's basic functionality.
  7. @SimWarehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1v_BaXYFoN3v5-xYIpTtZd3FXA5a4NYZQ/view?usp=sharing This is a video of what should be happening. it should go into reverse when I push the throttle forward.
  8. 'Throttle Decrease', I want to use my 'T.Flight Hotas One' throttle as a reverse when I hold a button. When I click the assigned button for Throttle Decrease (in my case it's the trigger on the joystick) it instantly puts my aircraft into reverse, not with the axis.
  9. Hi, I'm having issues with the reverse. It doesn't function correctly like all the other aircraft's in the game... when I click my reverse thrust hold key and push the throttle forward it won't engage reverse thrusts. I've done what you suggested in the above comments.
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