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Hi there

Any of you guys using the Alpha  yoke mind sharing your settings/sensitivity please?

I can’t figure it out a good setup with mine. When I pitch/roll the plane seems to sensitivity so I’m wondering if it’s my sensitivity in the yoke.

I’ve  seen numerous videos of guys taking off and landing and it’s super nice and smooth.



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The point being of course, if most of us are OK then I think it is better to look at other possibilities.

I don't know what else could affect it though. Maybe you have the FSX flight model selected? That is the only stab in the dark I have, it seems more people than I would have thought use it for some reason. MSFS should be in Modern mode for non-FSX aircraft.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Best is simply linear for most applications.
If you have a very responsive aircraft, you can lower the reactivity by 10 to 20%

It will also depend on the flight model and the realism setting in the simulator.

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I’m using the Modern mode and all my settings is turned to the most realistic possible.

im gonna have to play around with the sensitivity in the yoke and see if I find the right one.


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