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  1. Thanks for the template,works great,the only think I’ve notice is when pressing the NAV in the bravo the light in the NAV doesn’t turn on,the Head button light turns on instead, is there a way to turn the NAV light on in the bravo when pressing it?
  2. Hi, I notice since the MFS update the CRJ just keeps losing speed,I’m at FL290 doing around 290/280 knots and everything is nice and smooth and then after a while the aircraft just keeps losing speed slowly down to 140/120 knots to the point of stalling. Even getting the throttle to max power the speed doesn’t even go up. Before this latest update I did around 20 flights with the CRJ and never had any issue so I’m wondering if I should uninstall and reinstall the plane again.
  3. Hi guys Any of guys that have the Logitech Multi panel managed to get it working using Spadnext? some buttons works like the Approach/NAV/ AP but the heading button doesn’t light up in the aircraft when I press it in the Logitech panel and when I turn the altitude knob the altitude doesn’t change. im wondering if any of you guys got it working.:) thanks
  4. I wish I could pop my panels,everytime I do my sim lags lol
  5. Hi When In cruise wasn’t this supposed to say “cruise” ? whn I was climbing it said “climb” but when I reached cruise level it says descend.
  6. I actually think that would be a great idea to.👌🏽
  7. I’m using the Modern mode and all my settings is turned to the most realistic possible. im gonna have to play around with the sensitivity in the yoke and see if I find the right one.
  8. Hi there Any of you guys using the Alpha yoke mind sharing your settings/sensitivity please? I can’t figure it out a good setup with mine. When I pitch/roll the plane seems to sensitivity so I’m wondering if it’s my sensitivity in the yoke. I’ve seen numerous videos of guys taking off and landing and it’s super nice and smooth. Thanks
  9. Hello My AP won’t engage,everything is setup the way it supposed to but then after take off when I try to engage the AP it won’t turn On,the lights turn green but then shuts off.
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