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Performance Tab Page - Set Payload in Sim" clicking twice(?)


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Hello Folks,


I´ve noticed that after changing the values when I click "set Payload to simulator" again, the value for CG and Trim changes, so this gives different values if you click twice.

I searched google for this and found two threads where this is described also. Then I´ve noticed, that this was an issue for the P3D version!?


Here´s a link to the P3D Thread and try it yourself in MSFS - clicking twice will result in different values (if you made changes before).



Here´s a video I recorded:

1. I loaded the AC without making any changes.

2. I clicked in every box and then clicked Enter (without making any changes, just to confirm there were no changes).

3. Click Set Payload in Sim --> as expected, no changes.

4. Making changes in every Box

5. click Set Payload in Sim --> Values change as expected.

6. Clicking Set Payload to Sim again --> Values change again and give me other values for CG and TO Trim.


Is this a bug?


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  • Dirk1981 changed the title to Performance Tab Page - Set Payload in Sim" clicking twice(?)

I am wondering a bit why no one else answered in the last couple of hours.

Am I the only one having problems with the performance page?

I can even produce negativ Numbers. That happend as I wanted to just use the "Zero Fuel Weight" options to see if this works correctly. Not for me.

When I just put in ZFW: 19800 and fuel 3500KG --> Set to sim and set to FMS. The FMS shows false numbers.

When I switch back to "passengers and Cargo" option - The CRJ has set itself to max Pax, Max everything... and has a TOW from NEGATIVE: 974 Million Kilos (See Screenshot).


Am I really the only one not getting what this tablet page really does?



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