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CRJ Yoke FPS Bug

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After a bit more testing - I think this is a display rendering issue rather than a peripheral issue.

Bringing the yoke full forward completely freezes all displays, hence the FPS gain.


For example, with the yoke fully forward switching between EICAS modes doesn't do anything, but the screen will update the moment I pull the yoke back even just a bit.

This affects all screens, including the FMS.


Also I hadn't noticed as much of an FPS gain with the battery on but APU off where the PFD and MFDs are off. I wonder if they are the culprit here.


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  • Aerosoft

Are there any specific yoke driver installed ?
There souldn't be any with MSFS.
The sim handles the controller interface by itself perfectly.
There have been issue such as phantom button trigger in the past with Saitek and CH.

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Just to clarify, by yoke I mean the virtual yoke in the cockpit, not a physical peripheral. The issue occurs when it is fully pushed forward. Now whether it’s moved by keyboard, physical flight stick or anything else doesn’t seem to matter. 

Easiest way to replicate - you can simply press and hold the numpad 8 key until the in-sim yoke is all the way forward, then press any eicas mode buttons, FMS modes, anything that interacts with any of the screens. They won’t respond until you pull it back.

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20 hours ago, Hans Hartmann said:

I have heard that before, so I guess what you see is really happening. I tried it a couple of times already but couldn't reproduce the problem. The displays should just continue to work. There's absolutely no reason I can think of, why they shouldn't.


Can you tell me what kind of input device you use? May it's just not reproducable with a TM TCA stick.

Hans, the same here. Im using Honeycomb A yoke and B throttle, I have also Thrustmaster hotas and is the same , no way.


FPS drop when:


1) When push the yoke fps switch up to 38/40 fps super smooth but the screen paused.  

2) When change the range at the max range out (360 nm)  with a lot of objects on screen (apt, vor, waypoints...), fps drop to 25fps (+stutters). if you descrease range (many fewer objects on the screen) fps increasing to 30/34.

3) When adding Legs,  before pushing EXE button, dramatic drop down to 11/15 fps worst scenario !!! ( only pushing EXEC to commit the route will move fps up again)  

4) When finally you have the plan in the MCDU and push the EXE fps will drop  to 25 fps until you are airborne. (so this condition is when on the ground)


I'm still running test.



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