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  1. Ok now it works ! Thankyou. I'm trying to see the profiles already there for CRJ and MCP. There is a quick reason why the MCP hangs after some activity, especially knobs rotation ? Evry time I have to unplug - re plug the MCP and restart Spad. Francesco
  2. Ohhh I see that ...... but I dont see the LVAR Bridge MSFS zip file, where it is? I miss steps?
  3. Thanks! I bought the licence but where I can find the Alpha version. What I have installed from the site is not the Alpha and there is not LVAR support. There are few only for the throttle. I see LVAR Bridge exe file but it is for FSX atc.. and I receive an error... Francesco
  4. Iìm using Pollypot Software but I'm stuck with the Altitude change rotary.... I'm looking around to understand about LVAR ....
  5. Exe position depends on the version you own, steam or MS store. MS store is here: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.x.x.x...... This folder is reserved to system access and you would add Administrators (local windows group) to view and enter to reach flightsimulator.exe. But don't try this if you have not Windows skills in managing permissions. There are some youtube step-by-step guides.
  6. Hello, may I know what command mapping you used for the Altitude ? I'm using Pollypot software and it is not recognizes the ROTARY ALT -> AP_ALT_ VAR_ INC and DEC. This Keyboard mapping seems to be not implemented. My Honeycomb Bravo has the same issue. Regards, Francesco
  7. Maybe this one: I'm still working and testing but... first check this: 1) flightsimulator.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> FLAG Disable full screen optimization ! 2) then same page tap on... Change high DPI settings -> FLAG Override high DPI scaling behavior 3) go down to Scaling performed by: SELECT Application. 4) Confirm with OK -> then Apply ->then one more Ok 5)close Flightsimulator.exe properties. 6) Start the SIM. This will not resolve a lot the yoke fps beaviour but this shoud improve your overall FPS. ( I jumped from 28 to 34 stable inside the cockpit) Additionally, if you have G-SYNC disable it and Put ON the GPU acceleration within Windows if you didn't this yet. Hope this could help. Let me know. Francesco
  8. Hans, the same here. Im using Honeycomb A yoke and B throttle, I have also Thrustmaster hotas and is the same , no way. FPS drop when: 1) When push the yoke fps switch up to 38/40 fps super smooth but the screen paused. 2) When change the range at the max range out (360 nm) with a lot of objects on screen (apt, vor, waypoints...), fps drop to 25fps (+stutters). if you descrease range (many fewer objects on the screen) fps increasing to 30/34. 3) When adding Legs, before pushing EXE button, dramatic drop down to 11/15 fps worst scenario !!! ( only pushing EXEC to commit the route will move fps up again) 4) When finally you have the plan in the MCDU and push the EXE fps will drop to 25 fps until you are airborne. (so this condition is when on the ground) I'm still running test. FG
  9. az1228

    Framerate drops

    I have checked and same here. When, on ground, push forward the yoke fps boost up till 38/40 fps (everything super smooth OMG!! ) but MFD screen stucked. Rotary knobs and buttons are working but nothing changed in the MFD screen. (Pushing back the yoke, unlock the MFD screen and FPS come back as before. That's very strange, there is somenthing connected, to the cockpit, or it seems to be. No problems at all with other planes. Don't understand!!
  10. az1228

    Framerate drops

    Hot spot fps is 40 - 50 with g-sync. What you mean with that, you're running g-sync off ?
  11. az1228

    Framerate drops

    Yeah this is true Mathijs. Having the FPS under constant control is driving people crazy. Agreed that no differences between 60 and 28/30 fps. Nevertheless what caputured my attention was the stutters when using the CDU (with 11/15 fps sim is unplayable) so I've activated developers view. My system is a dedicates MSFS machine started in August,so no garbages and something that can affect processes, backuground apps .... Anyway if you need more info don't hesitate. Regards, Francesco.
  12. az1228

    Framerate drops

    Thanks Matijs, if can help there are at least two other situation one when changing the range on MFD at max range and several waypoint and nav aids are concentrated in the center of the sceen. Another one is connected to my previous Situation A. Here attached a video regading the activation of GEN1 and GEN2 in the Electical Power panel in the OVH of course that is connected to the screen that are switched on. I tried to change also the Glass Cockpit refresh rate value in graphics tab but nothing better, so that's strange! Ragards, Francesco OVD.mp4
  13. az1228

    Framerate drops

    Hello, you did a very good job. Congrats Team! I've been experiencing annoying framerate drops in two situations starting from 32 fps to 15 fps. Situation A - Starting the Aircraft systems 1) starting from MSFS on active runway with EFB Aircraft Status - Turnaround, where only EFB and EICAS Primary, EICAS Secondary display and CDUs are turned on, I get 39 fps 2) if I switch from EFB Aircraft Status - Ready for Taxi, PFD and MFD are switched on, framerate drops to 26-28 fps (my fps with CRJ on ground) Situation B - Managing the CDU 1)starting with 32 fps (fig.1) 2)Adding new route waypoint - ACT LEGS -> waypoint point typed and selected (fig.4) --> showing the select waypoints menu (fig.5) on this menu the framerate drops to 15/16 with a annoying stutters (fig.2) 3)Only by pushing EXEC button framerate can boost back fps to previously 28 fps. (fig.3) This is my configuration: i7 9700K 4.8Ghz - 32 GB Ram -RTX 2080S White OC- SSD M2 1TB - LG 38" (3680x1600) 21:9 - 144Hz - G-Sync. Your help and suggestions will be much appreciated. Regards, Francesco
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