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VNAV strange descent behaviour

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I noticed strange thing on 2 flights about vnav descent.
At cruise altitude, few nautics before the tod, I set the target altitude to the next constraint altitude then activate the vnav mode.
Passing the next waypoint (the last one before the tod), the bird starts the descent with a strong vertical speed. Vmode does not change: VALT active and VPATH armed, but the bird is goning to the the floor anyway... Is it me or the red wine ? 😉



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I had this too yesterday.


Appr. 15 NM from TOD I set the altitude to the next altitude constraint and pressed VNAV.

Shortly after, but way before TOD the Aircraft started to descend at a high descend rate.

Ti save the flight, I pressed ALT to level out, which it did.

Then I reinitiated VNAV and the the rest of the VNAV descend behaved correctly.


In the EFB I have "VNAV Coupled" enabled.

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