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  1. Silly question... Did You "Arm" the Reversers on the center panel ?
  2. Does anyone with performance issues have Vsync or framerate limiter enabled ? Try to disbable Vsync and set framerate to unlimited. Remember to check Your GPU driver Vsync also is turned off. With modern games and PC systems, Vsync should not be used. On my system (i7-10700K, RTX2070S, 32GB Ram, SSD) the CRJ is among the smoothest performing aircraft - really. This is with most settings on High. Even in VR with my Oculus Quest 2, it really performes smooth. This is with most settings on Medium. Yesterday I had e few trips From EKBI-EKCH (EKBI from Vidan Design and EKCH from Fly Tampa). It ran silky smooth, even when taxiing at EKCH. BTW - I have alot of mods enabled, like all WorkingTitle mods, DA62X, DA40X, C152X, GNS530 etc. FinnJ
  3. I see this too at EKCH ILS RW22L. I have tried to manually change NAV Source, but cannot remember if I did so before or after activating APPR.
  4. I had this too yesterday. Appr. 15 NM from TOD I set the altitude to the next altitude constraint and pressed VNAV. Shortly after, but way before TOD the Aircraft started to descend at a high descend rate. Ti save the flight, I pressed ALT to level out, which it did. Then I reinitiated VNAV and the the rest of the VNAV descend behaved correctly. In the EFB I have "VNAV Coupled" enabled.
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