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Displays frozen, nothing seems to work, but switches still move and aircraft keeps flying

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Microsoft Flight Simulator's WebAssembly sandbox is able to deal with certain errors that would cause a CTD (Crash to Desktop) in other simulations. However, these errors will lead to a termination of the program that simulates the aircraft. If this happens, you will notice that all of the animations (knobs, switches etc.) will still work and the aircraft will keep flying, but all displays will appear to be frozen and any no mouse clicks in the cockpit will do anything.


To find out if you ran across such an error, you can open the Console window in the DevMode menu (you have to activate the developer mode in the Options window first, but I guess, most of you have done that anyway to be able to see the framerate counter) and enter "WASM" into the text field labelled "Filter".


If you see a white line telling you about an exception, mostly 0xc000001d (Illegal Instruction) or 0xc0000005 (Memory access error, also known as "NULL pointer"), then this happened. To be able to fix it, we would need to know what the last thing was that you did before the error occurred. That said, at this point (before release), we are not aware of any such errors, so this post is "just in case".


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