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VR support for NDPcharts

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Just finished watching the first of hopefully many videos by Flyer0245 on Youtube.

I noticed a modeled EFB to the left of the PIC, does that mean it will be fully functional with NDPcharts especially in VR?

Let me know,


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At this moment it is not possible load charts in the EFB. 


The CRJ makes use of WebAssembly (WASM) modules written in C++. These modules are running inside a sandbox, so separated from the rest of the Windows operating system. The reason for this is that WASM modules are meant to work on both Windows and the Xbox platform. The WASM SDK, which is part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK, currently does not support any communications with the outside world (network, internet etc.). As far as we are aware, it is planned for a future update.

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