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Processing the checklist is too slo

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The communication between co-pilot + pilot with the checklists
is too slow. I have the impression one of them is flirting with the stewardes in the back of the galley and each time I have to run to the front of the cockpit, it takes that long.
Please look again.
Thanks CFG874 Bernd


Die Kommunikation zwischen Co Pilot + Pilot bei den Checklisten 
ist zu langsam. Ich habe den Eindruck einer von beiden Flirtet hinten in der Galley mit der Stewardes und muß jedesmal erst nach vorn ins Cockpit rennen, so lange dauert es.
Bitte nochmal ansehen.
Danke  CFG874 Bernd 

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

In the release notes (you will find at the beginning of this forum section) the reason for those breaks are stated as follows:


VIEWFOCUS: When the checklists are running and if this option is enabled (standard), the view changes automatically to the item to be checked or set. So it easier to check and make the necessary settings. When the plane moves, there are small pauses between the various checklist items implemented, so that the pilot still sees where the plane is heading. For the same reason during FINAL APPROACH gear and flaps settings are exempted from a view change and keyboard controls should be used instead – if the Copilot is not used.


Therefore it is impossible to remove / shorten this breaks. Only users who do not care what the CL and the Copilot is doing (running it as an automatic setting function) would benefit from it. But all other users (p.e. using ViewFocus) need those breaks to steer the plane when it is moving and the CL is running.




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Hello Rolf,
Well, if that's the case then I'll be prepared for it.
I only thought if I deactivate      VIEWFOCUS       everything will be the same as before.
Thanks again.
CFG874 Bernd


Hallo Rolf,
Gut, wenn das so ist dann werde ich mich darauf einrichten.
Ich dachte nur wenn ich       VIEWFOCUS       deaktiviere ist wieder alles so wie vorher.
Danke nochmal.
CFG874 Bernd

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