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Update for A318/A319/A320/A321 - Release Version= -

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The release includes the following changes:

  • Checklist – Before Start CL – ECAM pages: Manually selected LOWER ECAM page is now automatically reset to “Standard” page
  • Checklist – TAXI CL – Start: Implemented that the CL now automatically starts at 5 knots groundspeed
  • CL “breaks” – ViewFocus: Breaks reduced to 5 sec in all CL where the plane is moving
  • Switching on of Landing System added to CL and Copilot
  • Bug fixed in Engine Start CL if no PB is used
  • Timing of start of After Landing CL adjusted - as well as for Brake Temp. and Brake Fans check
  • Weight figures in Fuelplanner, MCDU and MCDU3 as well as ECAM adjusted / aligned
  • ViewFocus if ChasePlane is not installed - issue with display of wrong views - bug fixed
  • Copilot - Before Engine Start CL - when EXT PWR is cut - CL stopped - bug fixed
  • Loadsheet Printing: It is now printed immediately after loading of pax, cargo and fuel has been finished (in all 3 procedures – GSX, internal MCDU3 as well as LOAD INSTANT)
  • Seat Belt Signs: Issue setting to ON when passing 10.000 feet during descend has been fixed
  • Radial In Course: Fixed radial in course not being correctly aligned




With update - Version= - , many A318/A319/A320 and A321 MCDU3 and Checklist / Copilot functions are newly implemented and / or upgraded to the A330 level.



  • VIEWFOCUS (optional) is implemented into the OPTIONS / CHECKLISTS menu and set to ON as standard. If CHASEPLANE is used, the option VF CHASEPLANE should be also set to ON. The reason is that CHASEPLANE changes the “aircraft.cfg” which is also used by VIEWFOCUS and therefore its function has to be adapted accordingly.


  • OPTIONS / VIEWS menu: In the VC VIEWBAR all views have been changed and aligned with the views needed for VIEWFOCUS. An EFB view has been added.


  • PAUSE AT N.ALTSTEP (optional) is implemented into the OPTIONS / FLIGHT menu. If enabled and an ALTSTEP is part of the MCDU F-PLAN the plane pauses 20 NM prior to the waypoint planned for the altitude step.


  • AIRCRAFT STATE: DEFAULT is set to TURNAROUND as a standard if the plane is loaded the first time. It is an option, which manually can be changed later.


  • WEIGHTS: Various weights (empty plane, max. amount of cargo / fuel, maximum takeoff etc.) have been adjusted.


  • GSX: Integration updated


  • FLIGHT RECORDER: Option deleted because no 64bit-version available.  




  • VIEWFOCUS: When the checklists are running and if this option is enabled (standard), the view changes automatically to the item to be checked or set. So it easier to check and make the necessary settings. When the plane moves, there are small pauses between the various checklist items implemented, so that the pilot still sees where the plane is heading. For the same reason during FINAL APPROACH gear and flaps settings are exempted from a view change and keyboard controls should be used instead – if the Copilot is not used.

TIP: The settings are part of the MCDU CHECKLISIT OPTIONS and VIEWFOCUS automatically is enabled after the installation. For you first flight please use the Checklist and Copilot function as well as ViewFocus to see which settings the Copilot makes during all flight phases. Then try it with another flight and this time set the Copilot to OFF and make “his” settings yourself. Now you will get a real feeling what has to be done during a flight.   


  • EXT / CABIN LIGHT SETTINGS: Those have been adapted to the A330 and settings used in RL by one of the major airlines. Details for the various lights and its settings during the flight phases can be found in the DOCUMENTATION folder – please see EXT CABIN Lights Settings.pdf. During dusk and dawn, “taxi lights” are already automatically switched on if the plane starts to move e. g. before start of the TAXI CL. Landing lights are automatically switched on if the plane enters the takeoff runway.


  • CALLS: Various PF and PnF calls added and CabinCrew calls modified.


  • DESCENT PREPARATION CL: Starts 14 NM instead of 9 NM before T/D waypoint.


  • GO AROUND: Procedures reworked e.g. option implemented to try another approach (starting with APPR CL) or to select a new destination.


  • SAVED FLIGHTS / CL STATES: It is now possible to save and load a certain flight state including checklist state, if one checklist has been completed and the next one to be available. Like at BEFORE COCKPIT PREPARATION, BEFORE ENGINE START, BEFORE PUSHBACK, BEFORE TAXI, BEFORE TO PREPARATION, BEFORE TAKEOFF, BEFORE DESCENT PREPARATION, BEFORE APPROACH, BEFORE FINAL, AFTER LANDING and BEFORE PARKING.





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  • Hanse pinned this topic

Hello Hanse,


Thanks for the update information.

Is there no other way to disconnect the panelvieuw when using the checklist.

When taxing and preparing the AC it is realy disturbing the thing you are doing.

If that is not possible I think then to swith over to FScrew.

That would be a pitty there the build in checklist is perfect 




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hello Frans,


you can switch off the "ViewFocus" in the MCDU / Options / Checklist menu. What do you mean by real disturbing? Then please tell me how you are making the necessary settings when the plane is already moving (TAXI, BEFORE TO etc.) Also in RL the pilots do not always look outside but have to change the view to make their necessary settings. Therefore between the various checks longer breaks have been implemented when the plane is moving. Or do you not care and use this function (with Copilot = ON) not as a checklist like in RL but as an automated settings function?




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