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  1. Hello, I fly with PreparD4.5 I like the CRJ and fly every day with them. But my problem is that I have constant RADAR OFF in my gauge? How to turn this off and have also the weather radar working. I swith it on but nothing works. Frans van Zantbeek
  2. Hello See the added text file. Why all other panes from FSlabs and Majestic will do their instalation and nothing with my favorite the airbusses. windows logboopk.txt
  3. The installer window will not appear.
  4. Hello, I have placed a new SSD in my PC. Therefore all programs need to be installed. I have downloaded the latest files from my account. But when I select the exe.file then thestops after 30 seconds. The same with the CRJ-Prof? I have installed Prepard4 and EFB and GSX but I am unable to run the exe files from Aerosoft. I am the Administrator and also made compatibility as run as administator. When I check compatibility problem it gives a 0x80004005. Any Idea how to solve this? Frans van Zantbeek
  5. Hello, Maybe stupid but how to activate the First Officer MDF? Frans van Zantbeek
  6. Hello, I have downloaded the latest version and now all is working fine. Thanks Frans
  7. Hello, I ave installed CRJ on FSX-SE and |Prepar3-4. My problem is that when I insert in the flightplan KDEN or sometimes CYVR the message appears: flightsim not responding and the flightsim closes? Any idea? Waiting your worthfull solutions Frans van Zantbeek
  8. Hello Shaun, Any hint where to find the version number as I have the add-onn bought just 1 month ago. Must I downloqad it again? Waiting your reply Frans
  9. Hello, I have found on the website the updates for SH & JH 210 and 211. My question is where can I find the update 1.02 as mentioned in the manual to increase speed and altitude? I am searching all morning and the shortcut to forum 106 brings also nothing Thanks in advance for helping me Frans van Zantbeek Tilburg The Netherlands
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