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[EDDK] Two small issues...

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@Jo Erlend I am in flight right now, from EDDK to LEIB. Departure from gate D12, with departure from runway 32R. Found 2 issues:


  • Gate D12 has no jetway, but does not offer me the option to attach the stairs (ramp connection)
  • When taxiing towards runway 32R the marker says 14L??


Have attached some screenshots.



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Hello, I'll take a look at the 14L / 32R mixup.
Regarding the pax stairs at D12 that's as intended, all of the stands that has a VDGS (so D10 to D22 if I remember correctly) uses the same type of services vehicle configuration.

The reason for this is that there's a limit to how many different service configs we can create for parking positions labeled as gates.

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