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Boxed version install - black screen

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In case somebody else has the same problems I had and stumbles upon this post, the solution in my case was frustratingly simple.


First, even though you, like me, may well be happily using other software i.e P3D and have no problems with your sounds, I went to settings, system, sounds and disabled all sound devices that were showing.  I tried launching MSFS again and shock, horror, it worked!  So all along, that was the issue!


Next bit of fun was to activate each of the sound devices, one at a time, and try launching MSFS each time to find what output device could be active and still allow MSFS to launch.  In my case, it was only the screen output that would work and just required the sound plug moving from the back of the PC to the back of the screen.


My PC sounds still work, MSFS has launched and because I couldn't be bothered to sit there for another 2 hours playing with the DVD's, I've left it to download the lot via the Store.


I might even get to use it for the first time later 🙂

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