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Hey guys


So I had programmed to do an rnav rnp approach in runway 02 of airport SKPC. I chose the approach in fmc.. And then... When I checked the ND.. I found that as per charts there must be a left 02 arc... Connecting the two waypoints... But in ND this arc was not there... I did engage the appr button as I reached the rnav final approach point as per charts.. The vdev diamond did appear.. However I saw that the arc which appears in chart did not appear on ND and hence the plane didn't follow the rnav approach and ended up descending and crashing.  I was stunned thinking what happened... Is aerosoft airbus not modeled to rnav rnp approaches having arc type turns connecting two waypoints??? 


Hope to get a confirmation about this. 




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answer to the questions: 


1. airac updated to latest cycle.


2. No discontinuity in flight plan....I can clearly see the flight plan way points connected but no arc as i said on ND. May be you cna check this at your end?



this is the same issue  i am having..if some developer could please chime in it would be really good..in airports like colombia it is very important to have this arc drawn on ND so that we can do the final approach segment accurately especially for a night flight....There are mountains on right side which makes only enav arc appraoch possible. please confirm.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi, the 32bit version is since a long time no longer in development. So there won't be any new features.
The 64bit version (A32S/A330 Professional for P3Dv4/5) does support that kind of approaches.

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I understand about not having any new features.....But as i said when i tried this particular approach on this runway of this airport..that arc was not drawn on ND, however, when i tried similar RNP arc approach on SKBO (Colombia ) 31R or 31L approach (similar type arc approach) , the arc was drawn on ND and i could see the aircraft following the arc on this RNAV RNP approach..this is what confused me...so how can the same type approach work in one airport but not in another in same aircraft? Could some developer please confirm thsi behavior? 


For eg: at SKBC airport, rnav rnp approach on runway 2, is the arc visible?




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