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  1. I understand about not having any new features.....But as i said when i tried this particular approach on this runway of this airport..that arc was not drawn on ND, however, when i tried similar RNP arc approach on SKBO (Colombia ) 31R or 31L approach (similar type arc approach) , the arc was drawn on ND and i could see the aircraft following the arc on this RNAV RNP approach..this is what confused me...so how can the same type approach work in one airport but not in another in same aircraft? Could some developer please confirm thsi behavior? For eg: at SKBC airport, rnav rnp approach on runway 2, is the arc visible? regards govind
  2. any update on thsi developer? This is a very important thing to do approaches especially in high terrain area.....Please confirm,.
  3. answer to the questions: 1. airac updated to latest cycle. 2. No discontinuity in flight plan....I can clearly see the flight plan way points connected but no arc as i said on ND. May be you cna check this at your end? this is the same issue i am having..if some developer could please chime in it would be really good..in airports like colombia it is very important to have this arc drawn on ND so that we can do the final approach segment accurately especially for a night flight....There are mountains on right side which makes only enav arc appraoch possible. please confirm.
  4. Hey guys So I had programmed to do an rnav rnp approach in runway 02 of airport SKPC. I chose the approach in fmc.. And then... When I checked the ND.. I found that as per charts there must be a left 02 arc... Connecting the two waypoints... But in ND this arc was not there... I did engage the appr button as I reached the rnav final approach point as per charts.. The vdev diamond did appear.. However I saw that the arc which appears in chart did not appear on ND and hence the plane didn't follow the rnav approach and ended up descending and crashing. I was stunned thinking what happened... Is aerosoft airbus not modeled to rnav rnp approaches having arc type turns connecting two waypoints??? Hope to get a confirmation about this. Regards Govind
  5. Hmm.. So I feel nvidia geforce experience is definitely interfering with the sim in some way... In your case since you run p3d.. It didn't even start.. In my case I had noticed before also a crash due to ge force named ntdll module crash... Once it was removed.. I didn't observe it again... I feel geforce might be causing this.. Not sure.
  6. You experienced the same due to nvidia geforce experience or for you it's always happening? This fmgs. Dll crash?
  7. I did the same flight again.. Same route... But no more crashes... Any idea on why this happened? Only thing I did was I had nvidia ge force experience installed on the previous flight to have live fps counter.. I disabled it and then flew the same route... And didn't see any crash. Can nvidia geforece experience cause this?
  8. Dear sir So I never had noticed this issue anytime before... I was on cruise and just relaxing when suddenly fsx crashed with fmgs. Dll faulting module... Any idea what caused this? This is the first time I am noticing this.. And I didn't change anything in the Aerosoft a320 family. I run fsx. Flight plan was from kdca to kord. I am repeating the same flight and right now in cruise.... Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.. I have flown many times in aerospft a320 family and this was never noticed before... I flew yesterday also with no issue. Flight plan created using simbrief... All my aircraft up-to-date... Navigraph data used with latest airac cycle.
  9. Dear sir So I never had noticed this issue anytime before... I was on cruise and just relaxing when suddenly fsx crashed with fmgs. Dll faulting module... Any idea what caused this? This is the first time I am noticing this.. And I didn't change anything in the Aerosoft a320 family. I run fsx.
  10. So i just installed some extra repaints of holgi. What i noticed is that for all the extra installed repaints even after i switch on the dome lights ..it doesnt come on. I checked the same for anothe rlivery which came preinstalled with aersoft A320 installation and for that dome light is working. Could some one please let me know what am i doing wrong? every other thing is smooth except this dome light. For all the liveries which came preinstalled with A320 bus installation....dome light gets on..but all the liveries I added extra they are not switching on. This is really confusing. Why is this so? regards govind
  11. can you please confirm what I asked before? Just want to confirm.
  12. So basically as per sop for a rav approach there is no need to press fpu/trk switch correct? Only for ndb or vor approach it might be required to her suitable descent angle for vertical guidance. Am I right to conclude like this?
  13. Thank you so much.. I read through this. Just one final doubt. Before reaching deccel point it's told to press app switch as well as fpa switch in no particular order. So in order to perform a rnav approach as guidance from fmc.. Is it a must to press fpa too? As per airbus standard procedures... Its only required to press app switch right? Why is it required to press both app and flight path angle button? Is this how it's modeled in aerosoft a320?
  14. Yes I do have the latest version of 1.31. May I know the exact page number on which this information is provided in step by step so that I can check it? It's good to know that the glidepath angle created by fmc won't be shown on the mcdu. It's there in chart. That I know. So without glidepath angle too rnav works. That was my doubt.. I thought it must be shown in fmc.
  15. Yes . I followed all the right procedures. But in tutorial there is no mention of rnav procedure. In step by step there is no rnav tutorial. Do u mean to say there is in the tutorial? And also when u do rnav gps approach... In the mcdu when u select the final approach... Is it necessary to see the glidepath angle between final approach fix and runway point always?
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