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  1. can you please confirm what I asked before? Just want to confirm.
  2. So basically as per sop for a rav approach there is no need to press fpu/trk switch correct? Only for ndb or vor approach it might be required to her suitable descent angle for vertical guidance. Am I right to conclude like this?
  3. Thank you so much.. I read through this. Just one final doubt. Before reaching deccel point it's told to press app switch as well as fpa switch in no particular order. So in order to perform a rnav approach as guidance from fmc.. Is it a must to press fpa too? As per airbus standard procedures... Its only required to press app switch right? Why is it required to press both app and flight path angle button? Is this how it's modeled in aerosoft a320?
  4. Yes I do have the latest version of 1.31. May I know the exact page number on which this information is provided in step by step so that I can check it? It's good to know that the glidepath angle created by fmc won't be shown on the mcdu. It's there in chart. That I know. So without glidepath angle too rnav works. That was my doubt.. I thought it must be shown in fmc.
  5. Yes . I followed all the right procedures. But in tutorial there is no mention of rnav procedure. In step by step there is no rnav tutorial. Do u mean to say there is in the tutorial? And also when u do rnav gps approach... In the mcdu when u select the final approach... Is it necessary to see the glidepath angle between final approach fix and runway point always?
  6. I just have a query. In mcdu when I chose rnav runway 4r as approach.. All the way points were added as I said. In legs page automatically the glidepath angle must be shown between final approach fix and the runway point isnt it? I am just asking even if the glidepath angle is not shown.. It's ok?
  7. SO I was carrying out a flight from LOWI to LFMN in aerosoft A319. I tried fro RNAV 4R Z approach . I just have an enquiry regarding this. 1. Does Aerosoft Airbus models RNAV approaches? I have navigraph subscription and so I have the latest NAV data. But As soon as i reach Final fix and arm the APP button, I am expected that APP NAV and FINAL is armed followed by FINAL on green as soon as i reach FAF thereby initiating descent using VNAV generated glidepath. IS this modeled in Aerosoft Airbus series?? 2. AS i entered the RNAV 4R approach in FMC, I noticed that all the final waypoints and missed waypoints have come well however i didnt see the glidepath angle written between FAF and the Runway 4R. Does this mean there is no RNAV approach modeled in this aircraft? could someone please confirm? thanking you govind
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