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A330 - Crashing whole computer

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Hi all.


I am getting a Crash of my whole PC (not CTD) always near the TOD or in the descent. It is happening only with this A330. Did multiple sectors (back to back) without issue in other products. in the A330 I cannot complete 1 single sector.

Fortunately a hard reset of my PC fixes everything, but I cannot continue to force these hard resets.

Any help?



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9 hours ago, SkyJunk2000 said:

Where will i find them?

Windows Eventviewer - Windows Logs - Application; check for an entry at the time of the crash.

Also please tell us which exact version of the Airbus and which exact version of P3D.

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Next week will release a new version. Maybe it will help. Check the updater.

It could also be a GPU/Driver Problem. Maybe we call a certain function and that crashes the GPU/Driver.


You can test if it is maybe related to Trueglass, by deactivating the Trueglass.dll in the gauges folder.

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