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SimWings Anchorage

Josh Drummond

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I am having an issue where I will install Anchorage and fly out.  The scenery works fine then.  I will exit the sim then fly back in to Anchorage the next day and half the scenery is there.  I will have taxi markings with no runways or taxi ways.  I will have dynamic lighting and default buildings with blurry tarmac textures.  I've had to reinstall the scenery every time when reloading the sim.  How do I go about fixing this problem.  Oh and it even happens after I've installed new scenery not even related to Anchorage and I get the same results. When I install the scenery, I imidiately exit the configurator the original one came with.  Then I drag the new configurator I downloaded the scenery from SimMarket run that then save and exit.  This problem is getting annoying. I also have Orbx Southern Alaska installed and I have that checked on the new configurator file.  Thanks for the help!  


I am running P3D V4.5



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

You should not use Lorby for such tasks! In Orbxcentral under settings you should use the Library insertion point to move all Orbx addons, to the correct position.

Using Lorby can have unforeseeable side effects.

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